The oversized coat & short girl problems


1. Missguided Camel Coat £59.99 / 2. Missguided Cocoon Cream Coat £39.99 / 3. Warehouse Textured Khaki Coat £110.00 / 4. New Look Black Textured Coat £49.99

So I have been trying to find my oversized coat for this winter and it has been such a mission! Seems to me that the majority don't size up well on shorter girls. Yes, they are supposed to be 'oversized' but i'm 5ft and the coats I have been trying on have been coming up to my ankle (not in the lovely duster coat kind of way), falling off my shoulders or just looking like a portable tent. Tailoring is just a bit of an expensive option when you consider a coat generally sets you back £50-£100.

The oversized, cocoon, boyfriend and whatever-else-you-call-it coat is a style that will last more than just this winter. They look especially great worn open and despite being a little plain, from heels to converses it caters to so many different styles.

A few weeks back, I saw some on online that screamed MINE and when my order came, they looked absoloutely hilarious! I almost kept one but thank god I didn't because when I looked in the mirror I had to laugh at myself. At the same time I was a little sad, it's not fair! :( So, I guess this post also acts as a little shout out to the petite girls reading this who may know of some places to get my hands on one! :P

Are you a fan of this style? Let me know your thoughts.


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